Fantastic Lee Valley pictures

by Ian Tokelove
Kayak on white water canoe course

The Olympic course at the Lee Valley White Water Centre is a great venue for action sports photographers, both on and off the water. These shots capture the thrill and challenge of white water kayaking – enjoy!

The Olympic course has 300 metres of non stop white water, calling for a high level of kayaking expertise.

Kayaker going over drop on white water canoe course

There are two large drops on the course. The kayaker has to approach these with caution, as there may be a raft or another kayaker held in the hole at the bottom of the drop.

Kayak on white water canoe course

The water boils and surges all along the course.

kayak on Lee Valley white water canoe course

As the kayak hits the bottom of a drop, the water can envelope both boat and kayaker.

white water kayak on Lee Valley Olympic course

The speed of the water requires quick reactions and good skills.

Two kayakers on white water canoe course

Suitably qualified coaches can now teach on the Olympic course. Here Dan and Ben from Regents Canoe Club practice on the course.

Occasionally rafts and kayaks meet on the course. The winners in such contests tend to be large, blue and made of tough rubber.

For more information on white water kayaking at the Lee Valley White Water Centre, check out the Lee Valley website.

Images 1-4 courtesy of Steve Flatman and images 5-7 courtesy of Dan Tattersall. Copyright 2012.

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