Surf kayaking in the UK

Surf kayaking: A kayaker gets his kayak airborne as he surfs over the top of a breaking wave.

Surf kayaking can be an exhilarating and spectacular sport.

The Thames may be tidal, but it rather lacks decent surf breaks. This doesn’t deter many London kayakers, who head off to the coast to take part in surf kayaking, playing and competing in the waves and surf. There are surf kayaking competitions at some of the best surf breaks around the country, with opportunities for newcomers as well as the experienced paddlers.

Almost any kayak can be used, but serious surf kayakers will invest in special surf kayaks.

Surf kayakers do need to be especially aware of surfers and people in the water. A surfing kayak can travel hard and fast so make sure you can control your boat, or choose an empty part of the beach to practice on.

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Image courtesy of British Canoe Union