Port of London’s Vulnerable River Users Campaign

by Ian Tokelove
Port of London's The Vulnerable River Users Campaign / Lost in the urban jungle

Port of London's Vulnerable River Users Campaign

The Port of London’s latest safety campaign – the Vulnerable River Users Campaign – is looking to improve all river users’ awareness of how to share the river safely with smaller, vulnerable recreational craft on the tidal Thames.

The river users campaign features seven posters aimed at: encouraging paddlers and rowers to make themselves more visible and improving their safety; and making skippers of motor cruisers, sailing boats and commercial vessels, more aware of the vulnerabilities of smaller, more exposed vessels.

The poster themes include: the need for suitable lights and high viz clothing, being mindful of causing ‘wash’ which can tip rowers out of their boats, river positioning, lifejackets or buoyancy aids and being aware of river traffic density in central London.

Check out the Port of London’s Vulnerable River Users Campaign website www.pla.co.uk/Safety/The-Vulnerable-River-Users-Campaign where you can download PDF copies of the posters. To order print copies of the posters, please contact their Corporate Affairs department on 01474-562200.

Further information and advice on using the Thames safely can be found on their dedicated recreational website: www.boatingonthethames.co.uk


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