Running away from high water

by Ian Tokelove
Kayakers on Loch Etive

Most experienced white water kayakers know when to walk away from a river. When faced with high water levels on the classic middle section of the Etive in Scotland I was happy to let my more confident friends take on the challenge, whilst the rest of us paddled the easier lower section.

This video shows Mike, Mark and Andy on the middle section of the Etive in fairly high water. It’s worth a look, as most groups only get to paddle this section in lower water levels.

The rest of our group paddled the beautiful lower section of the Etive down to Loch Etive. In fine weather the scenery was stunning, but the mostly grade two water (with one exciting grade four section) might be less enticing in Scottish rain and mist.

Kayakers on Loch Etive

Loch Etive, a beautiful end to a beautiful paddle


Kayakers inspect a rapid on the river Etive in Scotland

Inspecting Lake Falls on the lower Etive, and checking that the gorge around the corner doesn't hold any nasty surprises.

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