Devizes Westminster Marathon

by Ian Tokelove
Devizes to Westminster 2013 poster

If the UK’s inspiring summer of sport and medal wins has left you looking for a challenge – a personal challenge that will push you to your limits – this could well be it.

The Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon is one of the most demanding open-to-all endurance events on the planet. 125 miles by kayak or canoe from Devizes along the Kennet & Avon Canal to the River Thames and then down to Westminster in the heart of London.

Whether you enter in a single or a double, you will need rock solid technique honed to perfection by months of training. You will need to plan. You will need an excellent support crew. And for the race you’ll need to calm the excitement and control your mind and body if you want to cross the finish line in Westminster.

The top paddlers will do the course in less than 24 hours, others will take up to four days. The 2013 marathon will take place over the Easter weekend, 29th March to 1st April. Along with 125 miles of paddling, you will also have to negotiate 77 portages.

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Devizes to Westminster 2013 poster

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