European Outdoor Film Tour – UK Premiere: London, 2nd November 2016

by Ian Tokelove
European Outdoor Film Tour London 2016

The European Outdoor Film Tour hits the UK in November, with a premiere at London’s Logan Hall on Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

Over the last 16 years the European Outdoor Film Tour has followed one principle: no actors, no blue screen, no second takes – only true adventure.

The film programme will provide two hours of inspirational entertainment, with a 30-minute break to grab drinks and refreshments.

This year’s tour will include:

FlowFlow / It’s not racing downhill on his mountain bike that makes Harald Philipp smile. Nor does he care whether he adds the most dangerous jumps and turns to his trails. When he’s on his bike on a via ferrata in the Dolomites, he is hunting something else: flow. That special state of being where everything just fits, when confidence overrides fear and the bike and rider are one. Harald tries to find an answer.

Lunag Ri Lunag Ri / Austrian alpinist David Lamas and American alpine legend Conrad Anker aim to climb Lunag Ri (6,907m), an unclimbed peak in Nepal with a technically challenging north west ridge.

European Outdoor Film Tour London 2016Locked in / A team of top white water kayakers including Ben Stookesberry and Ben Marr aim to be the first kayakers to follow the entire Beriman river through the heart of the Papuan jungle, all the way to the Solomon Sea. The catch? There’s no return ticket on this trip, once they launch their kayaks onto the river, there can only be one way out of the gorge, and that lies 48 kilometres downstream.

La Liste / Steep and seriously fast skiing from Jérémy Heitz. This winter he has put together a list of his favourite 15 four-thousanders, including the Ober Gabelhorn and the Zinalrothorn. Is it possible to ride them all in one season?

The adventures of the dodoThe Adventures of the Dodo / Big wall climbing from “the Wild Bunch”; Piolet d’Or winner Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto and the brothers Olivier and Nicolas Favresse. In their latest adventure they have signed up for a trip to Baffin island, by the sailing boat “Dodo’s Delight”. After a rough start in Greenland and a daunting journey through Baffin Bay, the Wild Bunch and their 79 year old captain Reverend Bob Shepton finally reach the big walls of Baffin island.

For more information and dates go to WWW.EOFT.EU

European Outdoor Film Tour

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