The Great Glen Paddle

by Ian Tokelove
Great Glen Paddle

Great Glen Paddle

The Great Glen Paddle is a challenging, long distance event which will run the sixty-five miles from Fort William to Inverness in April 2013.

The Paddle has two formats, a timed endurance race for very experienced paddlers and a pure distance challenge for those who wish to cover the beautiful course in a more relaxed but still challenging three days. The endurance race has the added interest of aiming to set the record for a coast to coast crossing by water.

The majority of participants are expected to choose sea kayaks or river racing craft that can cope with the very changeable conditions that can occur on the Lochs. Waves have been known to reach 3 metres on windy days!

All competitors will be required to have a road based support team due to the remote location and length of course. The Great Glen Paddle is an extremely challenging event both physically and mentally. Due to the distance and unpredictable weather conditions of the Glen it will be the responsibility of all participants to ensure that they are competent paddlers who are trained to deal with any capsizes or emergencies whilst on the water.

Event Dates: Saturday 27th April 2013 – Non-stop challenge / Friday 26th – Sunday 28th April 2013 – 3 day challenge

For more information see the Great Glen Paddle website at

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