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| March 13, 2013
Canoe coaching handbook

It can be expensive and time consuming to become a qualified canoe coach. Should canoe clubs pay some of their volunteer coaches’ expenses?

Many of the canoe clubs in London are run by volunteers, who provide their time and skills for free. Club coaches can spend a lot of their time teaching others – which raises the question, should club members receive expenses for canoe coaching?

Paul Gratwick at Edmonton Canoe Club set out to discover whether local clubs paid travel expenses to coaches, and emailed 69 canoe clubs in the East of England, London and the South East.

Paul asked: Do you as a club pay travelling expenses to coaches who are members of your club coming to coach at your regular sessions?

He received 51 replies, summarised below.


Travel expenses for canoe coaches

  • No clubs which replied to the survey paid travel expenses to their coaches for teaching at regular club sessions;
  • 11 canoe clubs said that they might or do pay some travel expenses on rare and special occasions;
  • Three clubs said they had tried it and/or advised against it due to previous experience of it not being successful;
  • Four clubs said they were going to trial it or were considering doing it soon.


Other benefits available to coaches

37 canoe clubs said that although they don’t pay travel expenses they reward their coaches in other ways. Of those 37 –

  • 23 clubs contribute towards the cost of training for coaches;
  • Nine clubs offer free regular paddling sessions;
  • Eight clubs offer free pool sessions;
  • Seven clubs offer free first aid training;
  • Six clubs offer free or reduced membership fees;
  • Four clubs offer free child protection training;
  • Four clubs offer free equipment hire;
  • Three clubs offer free Foundation, Safety and Rescue Training (FSRT);
  • Two clubs provide free training for coaches.

Whilst this is an informal survey, there is a clear indication that many canoe clubs contribute towards the cost of training their coaches, with a significant proportion also providing free first aid training.

As many coaches will continue to paddle with a club for many years, this seems a sensible use of club funds – investing in those members who are willing to pass on skills and experience to newer paddlers and ensuring the long term viability of the club.

Our thanks to Paul Gratwick and Edmonton Canoe Club for sharing this data.

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