Grants of up to £500 for London canoe club Go Canoeing sessions

by Ian Tokelove
British Canoeing Logo

British Canoeing Logo

The British Canoe London Regional Development Team have a number of grants to award to London canoe clubs and centres to put on Go Canoeing starter sessions.  Applications need to be in by 20th July 2014.

Grants of £300 are available for BCU affiliated clubs and/or centres to run a Go Canoeing Starter Session with the possibility of gaining an extra £200 if certain criteria are achieved on the day. The sessions are designed to attract more people into the sport and hopefully encourage more members to join your club or centre.

The grant is a two stage process and part of the money will only be available after the session has run and requires your feedback from the session and the number of participants to be greater than 50.

Click to download an application form.

For more information contact Andrew Keegan at

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