Mind the faff – a classic Alps kayaking map

by Ian Tokelove
Alps kayak map t-shirt

Every year a unique migration takes place across the UK. White water kayakers take flight for warmer climes, heading south in search of sunshine and crystal clear, snow melt water.

For many, their destination will be the small French town of Briançon, nestled high in the Haute Alpes. Here, four Alpine valleys converge to produce one of the premier white water kayaking centres in Europe.

Alongside the usual guidebooks and maps, Canoe London is particularly impressed by this t-shirt produced for the 2013 Alps migration by designer and London kayaker Gemma Wilson.

The t-shirt maps the most important stopping points for London’s Regents Canoe Club, including several of their essential watering holes. And as anyone who has ever been on a club trip knows, more time is often spent faffing than actually kayaking!

Alps kayak map t-shirt

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