Shepperton Canoe Slalom – 22/23 June 2013

by Ian Tokelove
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Shepperton Canoe Club are hosting a canoe slalom competition over the weekend of 22nd and 23rd June, with some slalom coaching on the Saturday morning. This is a Division 4 (entry level) and Division 3 event.

This is a great event for newcomers to come and try canoe slalom. There will be lots of opportunity for free practice on both days. Any boats are allowed and some kit will also be available for loan.

On site camping is available with water, showers and toilets. On Saturday evening there will also be a BBQ, so if attending, please bring some food to cook.

This event will also count towards the L&SER 2013 Grand Prix series, and canoe slalom ranking.

Division 4 paddlers either need to hold their own BCU membership, or if junior belong to an affiliated Club (bring proof e.g. Club membership card) or take out a BCU event ticket on the day.

Please email your entries to:- Bring your completed card to the event, signed (by a parent or legal guardian if under 18yrs). If you don’t have a card, talk to Dave.

Shepperton Canoe Slalom: more information

Saturday times

  • 9.00am – booking in for those who have not emailed in their entry;
  • 10.30am – all Division 4 paddlers are invited to have a run through the canoe slalom competition rules and regulations;
  • 11.00am – practice runs;
  • 12.00am – first runs; 
  • 4.00pm – team races will take place after the main event, at approximately 4.00 pm. 

In team races, teams of three boats work together for the fastest possible time. The team time is taken from the time the first boat starts to the time the third boat finishes – but there’s a big penalty if the third boat doesn’t finish within fifteen seconds of the first.

Team racing means working together, coordinating movement to stay close together. Good teams interweave on upstream gates.

Most people treat the team competition less seriously than the individual competition and have a lot of fun doing it.

Sunday times 

Sunday times will be an hour earlier


  • Juniors (under 18s) – £4.75 one day / £7.50 both days
  • Adults – £7.00 one day and £11.00 both days


Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club, LockIsland, ( behind Shepperton Lock, Ferry Lane)  Shepperton, TW17 9LW

For more information see the Shepperton Slalom Canoe Club website or email

Shepperton canoe slalom site

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