New SUP club for Eel Pie Island in Twickenham

by Ian Tokelove
EPIC SUP club Eel Pie Island Twickenham

EPIC SUP Eel Pie Island Twickenham

Eel Pie Island Club SUP (Epic SUP) is a new Stand Up Paddleboarding club that operates from Twickenham Rowing Club. The club is affiliated to Canoe England and is the fifth SUP club to be established in the country.

Stand Up Paddleboarding came to Twickenham back in September 2011 when Active360 partnered with Twickenham Alive to organise the first SUP races on this stretch of the River Thames. The following year, the Blue Mile, a major Stand Up Paddleboarding race was hosted at Twickenham. Since then the annual SUP charity race in Twickenham has become an established event.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is rapidly growing in popularity across the UK, partly because it is relatively easy to learn the basics and also because there isn’t a huge amount of equipment needed – you just need a board and a paddle and you’re ready to go.

Twickenham Alive also create and organise a number of events for the community including sport and leisure events. Their vision for Twickenham and the use of the river in the town centre is the reason they decided to form an independent SUP sports club.

As well as SUP for grown-ups they have just started an after school Stand Up Paddleboarding satellite club for children, in association with London Sport.

For more information see Epic SUP


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