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by Ian Tokelove
Canoe and Kayak Map of Britain

Canoe and Kayak Map of Britain

STOP PRESS 02/07/12 – Congratulations to Zak Bond, Noel Woodrow and Jerry Walker who are the lucky winners of this competition. Watch out for future competitions and check out our review of these great maps below.

Win a copy of the brand new Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain. We have three, free copies to give away to the users of this website. Just sign up to our newsletter or Facebook page to enter the prize draw.

The map is a great resource for recreational or white water paddlers, detailing the huge extent of canoeing possibilities on our rivers, lakes, canals and coastline. Rivers are indicated as tidal or graded according to difficulty, from grades 1-2 to grades 4-5.

Southern England and Wales appear on one side of the map –Scotland and the North of England are shown on the reverse.

Especially popular canoeing trips are highlighted in yellow, and it’s good to see some selected coastal paddles marked, as well as artificial white water courses and a number of the larger kayak and canoe shops.

The map is perfect for the car glove box and great for planning trips – especially if you are in unfamiliar territory or water levels force a change of plans. You will still need to refer to guidebooks or online sources for detailed trip planning, but the map is great for giving an overview of what’s available in an area.

At Canoe London we’ve immediately been inspired to try a few new rivers – some close to home, some far away.

To be in with a chance of winning a free, postage paid, copy of the Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain, just sign up to our newsletter or Facebook page. Three lucky winners will be selected on Sunday 1st July 2012. If you are already on one of the lists, you’re already in the draw!

For more information on the Canoe & Kayak Map of Britain see the River Publishing website

Copies of the map can be purchased from Amazon

One side of the map covers the North, the other side covers the South

Canoe and Kayak Map of Britain legend

The legend shows the different types of navigable waterways, graded from one to four.

Canoe and Kayak map of Britain - sample

This sample image doesn't really do the map justice. It's only when you see it laid out before you, that you appreciate just how many rivers and waterways there are out there.

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