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by Ian Tokelove
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Press release 19th April 2012 – no embargo. 

With over 40 canoe clubs London has the greatest concentration of paddlers anywhere in the UK, but until now there has been no central resource promoting paddlesports in the capital city.

A new website,, aims to fix this. The site gives a full description of the sporting opportunities and clubs within London and explains where to paddle, where to train and where to shop.

The city boasts over 100 miles of rivers and canals, offering a wealth of sporting and recreational opportunities for kayakers and canoeists. Sprint and marathon racers enjoy the long, open stretches of the Thames to the west of the city, whilst sea kayakers can take advantage of the fast tidal flows in London to get unique views of the city.

Slalom, freestyle and white water paddlers have flocked to the fantastic Olympic and Legacy white water courses at Lee Valley, as well as the famous playspots at Shepperton and Hurley weirs. Several clubs have active canoe polo teams and the World Canoe Polo Championships will be held in London in 2016.

Meanwhile, those who prefer a calmer journey can explore London’s extensive canal network. The waterways are rich in wildlife and a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

To find out lots more about paddling in London, visit

Editor’s notes:

The aim of Canoe London is to promote paddlesport in London. The site has been written and designed by Ian Tokelove, a white water kayaker and canoe coach who also enjoys sea kayaking and paddling on the Thames.

For more information, contact Ian on

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