Canoe slalom: learn the basics of teaching canoe slalom

by Ian Tokelove
Canoe Slalom. Coaching with GB Canoeing

Canoe Slalom coaching with GB Canoeing

The GB Canoeing Legacy Project Team are aiming to deliver part one of a BCU Discipline Specific Module for Canoe Slalom, under the guidance of Canoe England.

In this one day module you will learn the basics of teaching Canoe Slalom to paddlers starting out on a Slalom pathway. The module is ideal for canoe coaches who hold a UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) Level 1 award or higher, who want to learn the basic techniques of Slalom.

This training module will hopefully give you the skills to teach the basics of Slalom at your canoe club or centre. The course would also be idea for individuals who wish to assist with the running of the Legacy Project Club Sessions at Lee Valley White Water Centre (see Slalom Stars wanted)

If you like flow charts, check out the Discipline Specific Module for Canoe Slalom graphic, which aims to explain how the module fits into the British Canoe Union (BCU) UKCC Awards.

If you require any further information or would like to register your interest in attending a course then please contact, and let him know your current coaching qualifications.

This coaching module follows on from the success of the GB Canoeing Club Slalom Sessions which has seen almost 50 young paddlers receiving slalom tuition at Lee Valley.

Image credit: GB Canoeing

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