Traditional Kayak Building Workshop April 2015

by Ian Tokelove
Kayak building

Kayak building

This April, kayak building experts Seawolf Kayak from the Pacific Northwest will be in London teaching the ancient art of building traditional skin-on-frames kayaks.

According to Seawolf Kayak, when you bring a boat to life in the traditional fashion, you create stories just as the first kayakers did and still do. You learn complex building techniques like steam-bending, but also how to understand wood, lashings and hand tools. During the classes they will discuss kayak history, native history and paddling adventures.

At the end of the sessions you will walk away with a functional piece of art: Every builder completes an ultralight kayak, either a river design (12’ and 23 lbs) or an ocean touring design (16‘6” and 28 lbs). You also carve out your own Greenland paddle. On the final day, weather permitting, everyone will paddle their boats and go over the Greenland kayaking technique.

Traditional Kayak Building Workshop April 2015 – the details.

Dates: 18th to the 25th of April, 2015

Location: John’s Boatworks Lots Ait (island on the Thames up from Kew bridge)

Cost: £2,200 with £1000 deposit to reserve. Includes: All kayak building materials. All large and group tools (you will be required to bring a small amount of hand tools).

Maximum class size: Eight People

More information at, for registration and London details please email

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