Coaching sprint canoe

by Ian Tokelove
Canoe Sprint at Richmond Canoe Club

Canoe Sprint at Richmond Canoe Club

Richmond Canoe Club are running a presentation on coaching and paddling sprint canoe at 4pm on Saturday 13 October.

The presentation will be useful for:

  • Kayak coaches trying to introduce canoe to their clubs, or who might find themselves with a canoe paddler in their kayak group or who would just like to increase their range of skills
  • Coaches of other types of single-bladed paddle boats who want to start coaching or paddling sprint canoe
  • Sprint canoe coaches or paddlers who would like to improve their skills or just discuss the art of making canoes move quickly
  • Anyone interested in sprint canoe

What will be covered

  • Progression from novice to elite
  • Efficient technique
  • Coaching methods
  • Recognising common faults, why paddlers make them, the effect on the boat and how to correct them

For further details please contact Marcus Gohar at

The session will be classroom based. However, it may be possible to do some paddling or observe sessions in the morning and at midday by arrangement.

Richmond Canoe Club website

Parking is seldom available at the club. The next best place is River Lane, about a kilometre from the club by road or Ranelagh Drive near Richmond Lock on the Middlesex side of the river. Please note River Lane is liable to flooding so choose a place appropriately.

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