Give your old kit a new home!

| August 20, 2012

We all love a bit of new kit, but what do you do with your old kit? If it’s stuck at the back of the cupboard, unloved and unwanted, why not give it a new lease of life? The guys at Whitewater The Canoe Centre have set up ReKitTribution to redistribute old canoeing and kayaking gear to up-and-coming paddlers.

The project will initially work with The Himalayan River Festival, with collected gear going to young male and female kayakers in Nepal. They are also looking for other partners who can insure the kit goes to a good homes in the UK and abroad – so get in touch with them if you have any ideas.

ReKitTribution can’t guarantee that every bit of kit will go towards the next Oliver Twist who is destined to be the next world champ, but they will make every effort to ensure that it goes towards organisations and individuals who have difficulty accessing or buying their own kit.

The project will take all sorts of used kit, from boots to helmets, including safety gear such as throw lines and buoyancy aids.

They can even take boats, but please call them beforehand on 01932 247978. Boats that are not fit for use can potentially be recycled through Pyranha Kayaks.

For more information see Whitewater The Canoe Centre

Give your old paddling gear a new life with ReKitTribution

Give your old paddling gear a new life with ReKitTribution

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