London Canoe Polo Tournament 2012

by Ian Tokelove
Canoe Polo
Canoe Polo

London International Canoe Polo Tournament 2012 will be hosted by Meridian Canoe Club

The 14th London International Canoe Polo Tournament 2012 will be hosted by Meridian Canoe Club in South East London on 11th and 12th August 2012.

Accommodation: Camping on Friday and Saturday night on site in Danson Park.

Competition: The tournament will be held on 4 pitches. All teams are expected to provide suitably competent match officials. (2 Referees, 2 line judges and 1 Time/Score keeper).

Contact details:All enquires should be addressed to or: London International, 182 Shepherds Lane, Dartford, Kent, DA1 2PW

Entry Details:

Entry to the 14th London International will only be considered on receipt of completed Entry and entry fee

  • All players are responsible for ensuring that they have third party liability insurance up to £10 million and will be required to provide proof. (Most Governing bodies provide this as part of membership).
  • All visitors to the accommodation and tournament venues will abide by the rules and conditions of entry to the International as well as any site rules issued.
  • All Persons attending the event are responsible for disclosing prior to the event any medical conditions that may affect any treatment that they may require in the case of a medical emergency
  • All players should be aged 11 years or above. Any child younger than 11 who wishes to participate in this event must seek permission from the Event Organisers prior to the event.
  • All persons attending the event and are under the age of 16 should have a designated adult who will be on site and responsible for them
  • New as of 2011: Weatherproof Marquee with attached Beer Tent. Improved Vegetarian BBQ Option.

Entry Fee is £80 (GBP).

On site facilities:

  • The event will once again be at Danson Park.
  • There will be a BBQ on Saturday night (with improved vegetarian option), which will have to be pre-booked and paid for by 12:00 midday on the Saturday.
  • Various foods and drinks will be available throughout the weekend. At reasonable prices.
  • There will be a Bar running during over the weekend.

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