Paddle the Thames: A guide for canoes, kayaks and SUPs – new book

by Ian Tokelove
Paddle the Thamess

Paddle the Thames is the latest guidebook from Pesda Press, providing an in-depth look at the fantastic, but often over-looked, paddling opportunities offered by London’s River Thames.

Paddle the ThamesWritten by the renowned kayaker Mark Rainsley, Paddle the Thames offers over 327km of paddling pleasure, from remote, wild exploration near the river’s source to the huge vistas of the Thames Estuary.

From its early reaches in the Cotswold Hills, through the Home Counties into London and far out beyond into the estuary, the river’s surroundings are remarkably varied and diverse, yet always attractive and engaging.

Even in the heart of the city, where tides and traffic present a challenge suitable only for experienced paddlers, London’s rich mix of history and soaring modern architecture provides a stunning panorama. Outside of the city the banks are invariably green and naturalists describe the river’s ecosystems as a ‘wildlife superhighway’.

This natural beauty is equalled by the human story which the Thames narrates; from locks, gardens and parks to mansions, abbeys, castles and palaces, the paddler is continuously immersed in what MP John Burns famously called: “liquid history”. The riverine Arcadia of willow-draped banks, back channels and islands celebrated in Three Men in a Boat and The Wind in the Willows was not a myth, and it still exists.

Is a paddler’s guidebook such as Paddle the Thames needed? Britain’s best-known river might actually be the least-known by paddlers. The huge paddling population and numerous canoe clubs based along it belie a surprising fact; many of these paddlers aren’t sure what is found up- and down-stream from their patch.

On such a long river, this is both understandable and forgivable. However, there are other reasons for the relatively low numbers of paddlers encountered whilst enjoying the Thames. Information about where and how to launch is hard to come by, existing guides and media give the impression that the Thames is the preserve of powerboats and rowers, and finally, the perception often lingers that it isn’t actually very attractive or interesting.

Paddle the Thames sets out to redress these major omissions and misconceptions, and to reclaim John ‘Rob Roy’ MacGregor’s river for paddlers.

Paddle the Thames is available from Pesda Press and all other usual outlets.

Paddle The Thames

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