South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking

| September 26, 2015

South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking Thames Forts by Mark Rainsley

South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking is the latest kayaking guide from specialist publishers Pesda Press and like its predecessors, it doesn’t disappoint.

From the tidal creeks of Southampton to the ‘barrier coast’ of north Norfolk, the guide takes us around the coastline of south east England, exploring remote wildernesses, spectacular cliffs and the often overlooked tidal Thames.

With half the book dedicated to south east England, the other half takes us out to the Channel Islands and the myriad isles that can be explored by sea kayak. Whilst the reader might prefer a little more emphasis on the rather more accessible English coast, the second half of the book is still an exciting reading, and if you’ve not already kayaked in the Channel Islands this will definitely whet your appetite.

The guide contains 25 trips around south east England and 21 suggested trips in the Channel Islands, packed into 270 pages. Each suggested trip comes with good navigational and tidal information, comprehensive descriptions, planning maps and useful tips and advice.

The book doesn’t provide a complete description of the south eastern coastline, simply a compilation of some of the best bits – and the authors happily acknowledge that there are other sea kayaking adventures to be had. But hopefully South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking will encourage readers to explore new shores and unique wildernesses that can only be explored by boat, and preferably in a sea kayak!

South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking

South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking


The south east of England

  1. Southampton Creeks
  2. Portsmouth
  3. Hayling Island
  4. Chichester Harbour
  5. Tidal River Arun
  6. Shoreham to Seaford
  7. Sussex Ouse
  8. Seven Sisters
  9. Hastings to Cliff End
  10. Folkestone to Kingsdown
  11. Stour Estuary and Pegwell Bay
  12. Isle of Thanet
  13. Isle of Sheppey
  14. Lower Medway Estuary
  15. The Thames Forts
  16. Thames Tideway
  17. East Thames Tideway
  18. Walton Backwaters
  19. Stour
  20. Orford Ness
  21. Norfolk Broads Circuit
  22. Sheringham to Mundesley
  23. Blakeney Point
  24. Brancaster Staithe to Wells
  25. Hunstanton to Brancaster Staithe
  26. The Channel Crossing

The Channel Islands

  1. St Helier to Gorey
  2. Gorey to Bonne Nuit
  3. St Catherine to Les Écréhous
  4. Les Écréhous to Carteret (Normandy)
  5. Anneport (Jersey) to Le Sénéquet light (near Gouville sur Mer, Normandy)
  6. Le Sénéquet light (near Gouville sur Mer, Normandy) to Les Écréhous
  7. La Grève de Lecq to Bonne Nuit Bay
  8. La Grève de Lecq to Les Pierres de Lecq
  9. La Grève de Lecq to La Corbière
  10. Belcroute to La Corbière
  11. Le Ouaisné to Les Minquiers
  12. Les Minquiers to Chausey (Normandy)
  13. Jersey to Chausey (Normandy)
  14. Chausey to Granville (Normandy)
  15. Jersey to Sark
  16. Sark
  17. Jersey to Guernsey
  18. Havelet to Petit Bôt Bay
  19. Portelet to Petit Bôt Bay
  20. Portelet to L’Ancresse Bay
  21. Guernsey to Sark
  22. Guernsey to Herm and Jethou
  23. Herm
  24. Jethou
  25. Guernsey to Alderney
  26. Alderney to Baie d’Écalgrain (Normandy)
  27. Alderney
  28. Sea Kayaking in France

Main image: Red Sands Fort, a committing 15km paddle out from Sheerness. Image by Mark Rainsley

South East England & Channel Islands Sea Kayaking

Authors: Derek Hairon, Andy Levick, Mark Rainsley, Mark Gawler, Annie Davis, Guy Smith, John Brett and Kurt Finch

ISBN: 978-1-906095-50-5

Published by Pesda Pess

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Category: Canoe and kayak books

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