Promoting kayaking at Lee Valley

by Ian Tokelove
Kayaks at Lee Valley Legacy Course

Kayaks at Lee Valley Legacy Course

The Lee Valley White Water Centre now has a dedicated contact, Deb Pinniger, who will be heading up the promotion and development of kayaking at the centre until this Christmas.

Deb is two times World Freestyle Champion and has spent half her lifetime at the top of international kayak competition and undertaking pioneering expeditions all over the world. Amongst other projects, she currently co-directs Watermark Adventures, providing unique and challenging kayak adventures for young people aged 12 to 23.

Deb is committed to ensuring that the centre is accessible to all paddlers and is keen to establish and build relationships with all paddle sports users, clubs, schools, universitys and other organisations.

There is huge potential for developing kayaking at Lee Valley, from coaching, BCU awards, competitions, events, increased participation across all levels and disciplines of paddle sports and furthering paddle sports engagement in the local community.

Deb encourages those of you that have projects, courses or ideas that you would like to run at Lee Valley, to get in touch with her. She will be happy to chat about your ideas and hopes to collaborate with some of these interesting projects and see the centre used to its exciting potential.

Deb’s contact email is

Image courtesy and copyright of Sarah Gibbs

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