Clean up the Medway, 14/15th April

by Ian Tokelove
Canoe on the River Medway
Canoe on the River Medway

Open boat on the Medway. Image credit:

Join Meridian Canoe Club and others as they clean up the River Medway, to the south east ofLondon.

Scouts, Cadets, Clubs, Centres, groups and individuals who use the Medway are invited to a mass clean up of floating and tree borne debris on 14th or 15th April 2012, as part of Go Paddling Week.

Sections of the river will be divided up to manageable sections and arrangements made for easy access, and for spots to place collected rubbish.  Rubbish bags provided. Kayaks and canoes are welcome.

Be part of 500 paddlers on the river, doing your bit to make the River Trail a cleaner place. This initiative is supported by the Environment Agency.

For more information see the Facebook page at or contact Paul Newman, Regional Secretary to let him know you are interested and coming:

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