Hurley Classic 17/18 November

by Ian Tokelove
Hurley Classic Freestyle Poster 2012

This year is the 25th event at Hurley Weir. It all started in 1989 and that makes the event one of the oldest in freestyle. It has developed from a meeting between mates at the Hurley Village car park into one of the most significant freestyle events in Europe.

The Hurley Classic combines serious competitive freestyle alongside activities that encourages people of all ages into freestyle sport. There is lots going on where you can have fun, learn new stuff, compete and socialise.

All paddlers with a solid roll are welcome at the event. There will be freestyle demo boats from all the major manufacturers available on the day.

Hurley Weir is near Maidenhead, just west of London..

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Hurley Classic Freestyle Poster 2012

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