London meeting & prizes

by Ian Tokelove
London Region Development Team poster

The London Regional Development Team (LRDT) will be meeting on Tuesday 17th July at 6.30pm, at the West Reservoir Centre, Green Lanes, London N4 2HA. All paddlers in the London region are invited to the meeting, where the LRDT will summarise it’s activities over the last year and discuss ongoing initiatives.

The LRDT was created by Canoe England in 2009 to represent all aspects of canoeing in the London region. BCU members who would like to volunteer to help the LRDT and promote paddlesports in the London region will then be elected to next year’s team.

The volunteer members of the LRDT encourage and empower clubs and centres to organise a variety of events, competitions and courses and also undertake a large amount of ‘behind the scenes’ work to encourage the uptake of paddlesports across the region.

As a special reward to London paddlers, the LRDT has secured five pairs of tickets to Olympic Canoe and Kayak events. These will be given away in a free raffle to five lucky winners.

To take part in the raffle, attendees to the meeting will need to show proof of BCU membership or membership of a club with BCU affiliation, and they must reside or paddle with a club which is based within the M25 area. The raffle is open to all ages. Please arrive in good time to ensure you receive a raffle ticket – tickets will not be available after the meeting has started.

The meeting is a public meeting, open to all, but only BCU adult members (18+) may vote. The meeting is expected to last about an hour and light refreshments will be provided.

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