Smash and bash with Howard Jeffs!

by Ian Tokelove
Howard Jeffs
Howard Jeffs

Howard Jeffs

This will be a fun day spent smashing up perfectly good kayaks to then patch them up again!

The course will cover ‘everything’ about boat repairs from how to patch a hole while still on the water, to a more robust repair if you were on a multi-day expedition for instance, and finally how to fix a boat properly when you are back home again. You will also learn how to avoid common causes of damage to your boat while transporting it and receive numerous other tips and tricks on how to look after your boat and carry out preventive maintenance.

The organisers will provide both plastic and fibreglass boats to work on and there will be plenty of opportunities to get stuck in with the various substances, materials and techniques!

This is a land based course suitable to all paddling disciplines and skill levels and you are not required to get wet unless you want to take part in the on-the-water repair demonstrations.

Saturday 19 Jan 2013 09.30 – 17.00

Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre in London
235a Westferry Road
E14 3QS

£75 per person.

The organisers will provide both plastic and fibreglass kayaks available to damage and practice repair on during the course and all necessary repair kit and materials will be provided (feel free to bring your own if you want to try it out!).

Safety goggles and protective gloves will be available to borrow but you must make sure you wear appropriate clothing and accept that they might get stained or damaged.

About the instructor:
Howard Jeffs ( is one of the most renowned paddling coaches in the UK and he has over 40 years of paddling experience with numerous prestigious expeditions around the world to his name.

He also has a unique and vast knowledge in boat repairs after having designed and been involved with the manufacturing of numerous kayaks, canoes and other small water crafts for the last 35+ years.

Howard’s immense experience, unique knowledge about boat building, and above all, a great sense of humour and storytelling skills makes for a great and entertaining day!

Please contact Mattias Altin on for details on how to book or feel free to call on 07973832763 if you have any further questions.


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