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by Ian Tokelove
Paddler magazine

Paddler magazine

Check out the latest free issue of The Paddler at It’s a great magazine, available to read onscreen, and also printable or downloadable as a pdf.

This issue includes:

The Strait of Bonifacio. An open canoe adventure crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio from Corsica to Sardinia and back.

Sri Lanka first descents. A couple of previous trips have been made to the
island, but this was the first to be held in August, during the heart of the monsoon.

Montenegro white water. Three kayak voyagers from Wales heard mention of ‘the second deepest canyon in the world’. Meanwhile, the Watermark Experiences youth ‘Tara River Kayak Expedition’, describe their week-long kayaking expedition to Montenegro.

BC calling. The Bowron Lakes Circuit is the quintessential lake canoeing experience in Canada, and has been rated as one of the top ten canoe trips on earth.

Isles of Scilly to Cornwall. It’s 54km, the tides are complex, and a mere force two or three headwind could turn the jaunt into a genuine slog.

Introduction to kayak fishing. There is nothing new about fishing from kayaks, that is, after all, their main function amongst the peoples who developed them.

Coaching. Uncover the mystery behind balance and what can be done to avoid those ‘wobbly’ moments.

+ Regulars, News and Product Testing

Well worth a look!

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