Youth Freestyle Series 2012

by Ian Tokelove

The Youth Freestyle Series is back for another year with another four fun packed events throughout 2012. Whether you are a competition novice or a seasoned freestyle competitor as long as you are 18 or under and have a fairly reliable roll the youth freestyle series has loads to offer to you!

These one day events are aimed at progressing young white-water paddlers who want to improve their freestyle or white water paddling skills, or who want to take part in a fun freestyle competition. The modified scoring system allows everyone to score points for anything from front surfing and paddle spins up to big moves like loops and Mcnasties. So you can compete against your friends or see how you get on against the best young freestyles in the county.

There are several Categories you can compete in.

  • Sponsored Boys
  • Sponsored Girls
  • 18 & under boys
  • 15 & under boys
  • 13 & under boys
  • Girls (all ages)
  • Novice

For more information and to enter the 2012 series please visit the website

Dates for 2012

  • Sunday 29th April – Llangollen
  • Sunday 27th May – Nene White Water Course, not far from London
  • Saturday 14th July – Boulters,  Maidenhead, not far from London
  • Saturday 22nd September -HPP Nottingham

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